Pasarelle is a taste for fashion, it is effort, it is fresh air, it is illusion, it is traveling, seeing the world, it is walking at sunset, it is taking care of details, giving someone special, it is dreaming and having no limits ... And much more!
And who is behind all this? The 'Pasarelle Team' is made up of a small group of enterprising young people and of course, by much, much love and enthusiasm.
The brand was born in 2012 in Madrid, as an inspiration to show the world our passion for the fashion and accessories sector. Years later we have not stopped working to give the best service to customers who trust us and make it grow a little more every day.
In our beginnings We opened our first physical store in one of the most central areas of Madrid, on Calle Guzmán el Bueno 35 and a few years later the second on Calle Fuencarral 154. We have great memories of all those years, getting to know each and every one of our clients and spending great time between fashion, accessories and good conversation.
Our first store in Madrid at Calle Guzmán el Bueno 35. Year 2012.
Our second store in Madrid at calle Fuencarral 154. Year 2016
Our online store grew day after day. Until the moment came when we decided to move definitively to the other side of the screen, to dedicate all the energy to promote our own e-commerce.
As you can see, things have changed in recent times, but our purpose remains the same as always: offer you the latest trends in quality fashion at good prices, with the same personal and close treatment of a lifetime.
If you haven't already… what are you waiting for to join our community?
Thanks for trusting us!
The Pasarelle team.